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Prior to modeling, first cut my hair along the babyliss curl secret length of the alignment, point is, no matter from which point of view, Alice’s hair look very natural. “This hair style is the style of Audrey Hepburn tried, after the short hair cut out thick, just slightly valgus as embellishment. If the eversion of the both sides, makes Asian flat face look larger. Although the overall hair length equal to perspectives, it tailed to cut out certain levels, make the hair from every direction to flow naturally. Do curls in the hair, it will allow more casual styling. Shape the hair color not too dark. After shampooing, and blow from the hair root, head blow after the formation, to the outer volume blow dry hair with your fingers. If you hair is semi-dry with smearing some of the essence, it’s easier to take care of. Key to this hair style is that natural hair texture, smooth, slightly inward and then use magic volume hair volume. Wipe dry with a towel after shampooing, use hair dryer to dry the hair, can be a magic on the volume after volume. If you want a sense of playful, cute, blow drying hair dryer when looking at the face of one way, and then use the curler hair slightly everted. “Classic Look, messy style, cute element is added to the uninhibited Bohemian style.

Random natural curls, braided hair braided in a variety of ways, starting hoop shape, make people’s eyes light up with delight.First screw bumper roll out the natural wave. When braided hair, ear hair is divided into three units on the side, along the hairline up to the other side; also can be divided into two twisted into plaits, or split into two units into wheat braided; on both sides make different shapes of braids, weave the Ribbon on the side of good after, along the hairline on the other side. Bang side, connected with

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